The Ethos of our School

Woodside School promotes learning for life.

We are an inclusive, aspirational learning environment where children, families, staff, governors and the wider community learn together in an atmosphere of co-operation and tolerance.

As a community we promote self-discipline, understanding, empathy, co-operation, perseverance and independence. We encourage a culture of high standards, achievements and expectations. We aim to develop the full potential of every individual.

Every child brings valuable experiences and strengths to our school. We build on these by offering a curriculum that is stimulating, accessible, challenging and differentiated to meet the needs of all children.

We provide an open, stimulating environment in which every child feels safe, valued and happy. We encourage parents and the wider community to take an active interest in the education of all of our children and to feel an ownership of their school.

Our ethos forms the core of our planning and teaching. Our teaching is our ethos in action.

The Aims of our School

  • To create an inclusive culture of achievement, high standards and high expectations
  • To promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all of our children.
  • To create a stimulating school environment where children feel valued and safe. Bullying is not tolerated.
  • To enable all children to use language and mathematics effectively.
  • To ensure that all children have equal access to effective teaching and learning in all areas of a rich, broad, balanced curriculum.
  • To develop sensitivity, friendliness, courtesy and tolerance towards others.
  • To help children develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question and discuss rationally and to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to a fast changing world.
  • To be a school dedicated to self-evaluation, ongoing review and continuous improvement.
  • To work in partnership with parents/carers and our immediate and wider community for the greater benefit of all children’s education.
  • To empower every child to fulfil his/her potential.
  • Children learn best within a culture of high standards and high expectations

Our Philosophy of Learning

  • Children learn best in a stimulating, caring, safe environment
  • Children learn best when offered a range of learning experiences
  • Children learn best when a range of appropriate teaching strategies are employed
  • Children learn best when they understand the purpose of what they are doing and have ownership of the learning activities and the curriculum as a whole
  • Children learn best within a well-planned developmental curriculum which has continuity and progression as its core
  • Children learn best when they know that there is a partnership between home and school
  • Children learn best when the activity they are undertaking is differentiated, as necessary, to meet their needs
  • The quality of a child’s learning is determined by the quality of our teaching
  • Children learn best when lessons are engaging, enabling and motivating