Special Educational Needs and Disability

Information Report

(Ratified by Governors on Friday 31st March 2017)

Woodside School promotes learning for life.

We are an inclusive, aspirational learning environment where children, families, staff, Governors and the wider community learn together in an atmosphere of co-operation and tolerance. As a community we promote self-discipline, understanding, empathy, co-operation, perseverance and independence.

All our children with SEND are fully included in all opportunities, both within and outside of the school day, alongside children who do not have SEND.

We encourage a culture of high standards, achievements and expectations. We aim to develop the full potential of every individual. Every child brings valuable experiences and strengths to our school. We build on these by offering a curriculum that is stimulating, accessible, challenging and differentiated to meet the needs of all children.

We provide an open, stimulating environment in which every child feels safe, valued and happy. We encourage parents and the wider community to take an active interest in the education of our children and to feel an ownership of their school. Our ethos forms the core of our planning and teaching.

Primarily, it is the responsibility of the class teacher to ensure the progress and development of the pupils in their class, supported by our Special Education Needs Team:

Charlotte Towne – SENCo
Vivian Howle – Learning Support Teacher
Diane Wetherill – SEND Administrator

to be appointed – SEND Governor

For more information, please contact the SENCo, Charlotte Towne at Woodside School, Gittin Street, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 1DT
Tel: 01691 652446, E-Mail: sen@woodside.shropshire.sch.uk or go to www.shropshire.gov.uk

How we consult with parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs

How we involve our pupils with Special Educational Needs in their learning

How we support our Looked After Children (LAC)

How we support our pupils at times of transition

How we adapt our curriculum and learning environment to include pupils with Special Educational Needs

Our Provision for Pupils with SEND

How do we involve parents and carers?

How we involve our pupils with Special Educational Needs in the assessment and review process

How we assess and evaluate the effectiveness of our SEN provision and how we involve parents, carers and pupils in this process

How we ensure access to our facilities for all of our pupils

What training have our teachers and other staff had to enable them to support pupils with Special Educational Needs effectively?

How we obtain the services, provision and equipment required by our pupils with Special Educational Needs

How we support the emotional and social development of our pupils with Special Educational Needs

If you have any questions or concerns about our provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs

Glossary of useful terms


(Updated 21 Mar 2016 – M. Owen)