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Curriculum Design

At Woodside our mission is to ensure that our children are happy, confident and aspirational, always trying their best. Woodside children are encouraged to be respectful, resilient and to take responsibility for their own actions, making positive contributions that are recognised and celebrated by the wider community.

Our school values of creativity, aspiration, respect and empathy are woven into all aspects of life at Woodside. Children are given guidance and responsibilities, and have opportunities to contribute to the wider life of the school, and beyond. We actively promote the wellbeing of our children to ensure barriers to learning, and thriving, are overcome.

To achieve our mission, we provide our children with a safe and nurturing space to discover and grow. Our children have access to high quality resources, including experienced, caring and dedicated staff who respond to each child as an individual, as well as ensuring all members of our school community feel part of the Woodside family.

Our curriculum is carefully sequenced, and tailored to our children, reflecting our unique Woodside context. From the moment children start at Woodside, we ensure each child’s foundations for learning are strong, enabling them to become lifelong learners. We understand that language and communication is the glue holding together all other learning. Reading, writing and mathematics lay the foundations for enriching, engaging and connected teaching and learning opportunities providing our children with experiences and knowledge that light the spark of aspiration, a love for learning, and support them to navigate their way through the challenges they may face in the future.

We aim to equip every Woodside child with the tools to enable them to live happy, fulfilled lives and contribute positively to society.